Romper Stomping 101

When a target is prone within your threat range and you are not you may choose to give up a normal attack to deliver a boot stomp, but not an off hand attack. Boot stomps deal your normal unarmed strike in damage, use your normal attack roll (with the +2 for attacking a prone opponent) and uses your full Str bonus as a main hand attack would.

A boot stomp also counts as an unarmed strike for the purposes of effects, but if you are actually wearing a boot then the target does not suffer effects that trigger from physically touching you since they do not. If you do not have Improved Unarmed Strike then a boot stomp will provoke attacks of opportunity from non-prone enemies that threaten you.

The following feats use the boot stomp attack option.

Brutal Stomp (Combat)

You are particularly effective at stomping prone foes.

Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +1, Str 13.

Benefit: You deal 1 ½ your Strength modifier with your boot stomp. When you use the Overrun attack option you knock your target prone just by beating their CMD. If you use the boot stomp attack option on a prone foe that provokes an attack of opportunity from being overrun by you then you deal x2 your Strength modifier instead of 1 ½.

Dropkick (Combat)

You are well trained at the deadly art of the dropkick.

Prerequisites: Punter, base attack bonus +2, acrobatics 2 ranks

Benefit: You gain the dropkick attack option. A dropkick may be performed as part of a charge or as an attack action once per round. A dropkick cannot be performed while grappled unless you have sufficient Strength to lift whatever is grappling you and you beat their CMD with a grapple check by at least 10. A dropkick counts as a boot stomp for the purposes of attack options and effects. In addition if the dropkick attack deals damage and the attack roll is higher than the targets CMD they fall prone. Regardless, if you make a dropkick attack and do not have at least 10 ranks in acrobatics then you will fall prone after the attack.

Kick to the Gut (Combat)

Prerequisites: Brutal Stomp, base attack bonus +6

Benefits: If you strike a foe that is prone with 2 successive boot stomps in the same round then they must make a fortitude save DC 10+ you Strength Modifier + half your base attack bonus or be nauseated for one round. Regardless of how many times you boot stomp a target in a round only one save is made. This feat cannot be combined with the Punter feat.

Special: A Monk that takes this as a bonus feat uses half their Monk level in place of any base attack gained from monk levels for the DC.

Punter (Combat)

Prerequisites: Improved Unarmed Strike, base attack bonus +1

Benefits: You may use the boot stomp attack option against non-prone foes. At the beginning of your turn you may make a free boot stomp attack against a prone foe within your reach at -5 to the attack roll. This ability only triggers once per round regardless of the number of prone foes in your threat range.

Monks of the Stone Heels

A monk may choose to follow this school of training at first level or may acquire training in this school at later levels if they have not taken any feats that could prevent them from doing so.

Joining this school changes the bonus feats for Monks in the following fashion.

At 1st level, 2nd level, and every 4 levels thereafter, a monk may select a bonus feat. These feats must be taken from the following list: Brutal Stomp (instead of Deflect Arrows) Catch Off-Guard, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Improved Grapple, and Punter (instead of Scorpion Style). At 2nd level add Dropkick removing Throw Anything. At 6th level, the following feats are added to the list: Improved Bull Rush, Improved Disarm, Improved Feint, Improved Trip, Kick to the Gut (instead of Gorgon’s Fist) and Mobility. At 10th level, the following feats are added to the list: Greater Overrun, Improved Critical, Snatch Arrows, and Spring Attack. A monk need not have any of the prerequisites normally required for these feats to select them.

Boots as Weapons.

The following weapons modify the boot stomp attack option. Unlike other weapons each boot type is tied to a type of armor. Proficiency in that armor allows you to use those boots as weapons. The exception are combat boots, which count as a martial weapon and spiked boots which requires an exotic weapon proficiency.

Table: Weapons

Armor Weapons


Dmg (S)

Dmg (M)






Unarmed Attacks

Bare Foot Stomp






Light Melee Weapons

Light Armor Boot

1 gp




½ lb.


Medium Armor Boot

3 gp




1 lb.


Heavy Armor Boot

40 gp




4 lb.


Combat Boot

5 gp




2 lbs.


Spiked Boot

10 gp




4 lbs.

B or P


Spiked Boots: those without Exotic Weapon Proficiency Spiked Boot take a -2 to acrobatic checks and a -2 to CMD against trip. Those with the feat get +2 to CMD to resist trip and a +2 to all CMB checks made with the spiked boots.